Cooperation and communication

All partners will be in contact on regular basis by Skype, email, social networks, project web site, telephone, fax, post, at least once a week to follow the project’s development and maintain good communication or avoid any misunderstanding. The Project Coordinator will maintain good communication between partners, all emails will be sent to all participants. In this way, all problems can be solved easily and quickly and the ideas and results will be shared.

For an effective cooperation and communication during the Comenius project we also intend to use eTwinning and our web page with the common Google drive address to which all project documents and materials like images, slide shows, short movies, etc., will be uploaded. There will be blog space where we will be able to share our opinions and ideas.

Students and teachers will receive instructions before the mobilities in order to prepare for the meeting and the meeting coordinator will guide the others on what needs to be done (intercultural games, lectures, workshops, etc.) to facilitate the best from each mobility. Mobility meetings will give an opportunity to discuss the ideas or tackle problems face to face and decide on the further actions. After each mobility staff members meetings will be held to make an evaluation of the project mobility.

The Project Coordinator will make sure that the projects runs smoothly according to the timetable, allowing changes when necessary. The work timetable has to be flexible in completion times to enable all of us to cope with our core school work and other duties that occur in schools such as state/school exams or holidays.

The Project Coordinator will do her best to ensure that all partners are equally involved throughout the project.