Description of British partner


Launceston College is larger than the average-sized secondary school. It serves the town and surrounding rural villages. Most students are from a White British background, although there are a few students from a range of other ethnic heritages. The proportion of disabled students and those who have special educational needs is higher than average. Provision for students who have profound and multiple learning difficulties is made in an on-site specialist unit. For others who are at risk of permanent exclusion there is an off-site centre. The proportion of students known to be eligible for free school meals is below average but rising. The College has specialist technology status and holds many other awards including being an International School.

This project is important to us because tourism is a vital part of the Cornish economy. Tourism contributes 24% of Cornwall’s GDP and supports 1 in 5 jobs in the region. Over 5 million visitors come to Cornwall every year to enjoy its beaches, dramatic coastline and historical heritage. Cornwall has a tremendous history based on its Celtic roots and Cornish language and culture.

The continued promotion and development of tourism is important to Cornwall as it is one of the poorest areas in the UK with a GDP of 62% of the national average and is one of the four areas that qualifies for assistance from the EU European Social Fund.

In recent years Cornwall has begun to exploit its industrial heritage for tourism purposes. The most famous example is the Eden Project which attracts over 1.2 million visitors per year. The Eden Project, which is situated on the site of a former quarry, aims to promote and run transformational social and environmental projects. There are many other examples in Cornwall where former industrial sites have been transformed into tourist attractions (such as old mining sites and railway lines now operating as cycle paths).

Within the UK Cornwall is a relatively isolated region. Participation in this project would allow our students to gain knowledge and experience of other countries and cultures, and further understand their national and European heritage. It is hoped that the students will understand the importance of tourism to the UK and other countries and encourage them to pursue their future careers in this sector.