Description of French partner


The Pigier vocational high school is a private institute with a state association agreement. It has the title: Lycée des metiers vocational high school), specialized in the tertiary: office work, accountancy, sales and commerce. It is located in the city of Toulouse, and welcomes pupils of numerous cultural and social origins. The students involved will be mainly represented by youngsters, aged 15/19 with specific needs.

We intend to participate actively so as to combine professional skills to be acquired in the curriculum to the activities of the project : organizing a sight seeing-tour from A to Z (brochures, touristic guides, list of all the tasks involved), using ICT skills.

The theme of the project is to promote one’s region and present it to the other partners. To promote the region our students need to know it better or even discover it for some of them, therefore we believe it will help them be better integrated into their region, since most of them lack roots and landmarks about regional traditions, geography and history. Most of them live in the city or close by , it will be profitable for them to move around and learn about their region. The objective is to develop the pride in belonging to a specific region and be aware of their origins (more specifically for second generation migrants)

On the other hand, we have students with different social, religious and cultural origins. The students who will participate in the project will be selected (motivation, social background and special needs…) within the 3rd sections of BTEC National (sales, office work, and commerce). Thanks to this project, they will be prepared to deepen their European citizenship. They will develop language skills and discover other cultures, historical and economic backgrounds. It will certainly help solving problems of integration