Description of Italian partner


The IPSSAR Arzachena is a Vocational School situated in the north of Sardinia, in the hearth of a worldwide known tourist area . It carries out its role both of education and work training in order to meet the needs of highly qualified tourist businesses ((Catering sector: Kitchen , Bar/Dining room ; Tourism and Reception sector ). It is also a boarding school ; some students come from different areas of the region , other students come from the nearby villages and they commute everyday; there is also a percentage of migrants who grow up with a diverse cultural background. Therefore students’ cultural heritage is very different , they live in a modern multicultural world, but they have few opportunities to reflect upon this diversity and to research cultural traditions. This project offers a unique chance for many (financially disadvantaged) pupils to encounter traditions which are new to them and to broaden their understanding of rituals, traditions and cultural heritage in Sardinia and in Europe. The theme of the project, Rural Tourism, will give the students the opportunity to know better their own area and other parts of the island and to discover other European countries throughout the research and the execution of traditional dishes , the research of kitchen tools used in the past, the creation of a calendar with recipes from Sardinia and from the European partners’ countries and all the other activities planned in this project . Students will be aware of the future direction of the working world and the island’s economy related to Tourism, a world where collaboration, cooperation, communication will improve their daily life and their future work