Description of Romanian partner


With more than 1000 students, a tradition of over 80 years, the Vocational School “Partenie Cosma”, is probably the best well known Vocational School in Bihor County specialized on the economic field.

There are two levels of training in the school: secondary and vocational education. It trains students aged from 14 to 19 in the fields of accountancy, tourism, catering, pastry, administration.

Its students come from various backgrounds ( 39% of the students – come from villages in the vicinity of Oradea) and the school is proud of its ethnic diversity: presently there are 134 students (a 10% of the school’s students) of Hungarian, Slovak, Roma origin. The present economic realities are also reflected in the dynamics of the students’ families. Thus, a number of 58 students have parents working abroad, a reality that seem to leave a token on some of the students’ performance at school. Our aim is to create an inclusive environment for all its students that form an heterogeneous group,

Besides the interests manifested on a professional line, our students have been involved, with excellent results, in culturaleducational activities.

Their role consisted in cultivating the education of young people in the spirit of respect for true values such as the cultural ones, of attracting students toward the effective participation in cultural manifestations, in understanding of that special role of “ambassador” that tradition and ancient culture play, in promoting a dialogue between generations on themes of culture.

These are projects whose role was that of underlining the idea of the preservation of cultural identity in the European context of multiculturalism :“Young economists rediscover and cherish the Bihor county folklore”, “Eternity was born in the village”,“Cultural soirees”.

The idea of this project was inspired both by our school profile and the fact that a relatively high percentage-39%-of our students come from rural areas. By attending entrepreneurship education classes, they are trained for the future perspective of being able to establish their own business in this field. The Bihor area has a valuable touristic potential and this project will become a source of inspiration to capitalize, as future entrepreneurs, the resources of rural tourism: the rustic space, the ancient heritage and folklore, the local products. We thus include among our objectives their future integration in the labor market, as well.