Description of Spanish partner


The school is in a town of 25,000 inhabitants in Extremadura, the region of Spain with lowest incomes per capita. However this region has much domestic tourism due to its good climate, its cultural heritage and its environmental beauty but continue being the great unknown for most of the foreign tourism. It is for this that we want to participate in this project, in order to introduce this beautiful rural area to the rest of the countries. In the school there are almost 700 students and 56 teachers. In it all the stage of the secondary studies are taught:

• Compulsory Secondary Education: four years

• Baccalaureate: two years. All branches or options are at the disposal of students, except the Art baccalaureate

• Vocational Training: Middle Grade Training Cycles (Trade) and Superior-level Training Cycles (Management and Marketing and Childhood Education)

The school has a Bilingual Section in the Compulsory Secondary Education where two subjects are taught totally or partially in English and want to implement CLIC in some subjects in baccalaureate and Vocational Training. It also makes student exchanges with Sweden and France. The school is very interested in languages and student exchanges to give their students the opportunity to Know other realities (social, working and economic backgrounds) that would otherwise be difficult for many of them because of the economic situation of their families. It is very important for the school to get the grant for a Partnership Comenius project in order to enhance language skills, multiculturalism and European citizenship.

There are programs for students with special educational needs as well, both intellectually and participants at risk of social exclusion (ethnic minorities and immigrants) who are approximately 10% of students