Dissemination and the use of results

The dissemination and the use of the results will be done:

1. On the project Web site – information about the project ; photos from the mobilities and the workshops done on them; the students’ reports and other important information will be uploaded regularly.

2. On the teachers meetings and the parents meetings in each school.

3. The final products: Digital Tourism Tour, the Brochures and the Dictionary for Hospitality in Rural Tourism will be disseminated in the form of DVD and given to the other schools in the region, to the local Tourist Organizations and to the local media.

4. After each mobility there will be news update published in the local newspaper and radio. Students will maintain the media coverage and local radio, newspapers and TV will cover their activities and involvement in the project.

5. We intend to cooperate with local businesses and a wider community to show information about the project with copies of leaflets and brochure.

6. Presentations might be held in other regional schools interested (e.g. county schools, teacher training institutions).

Finally the collection of all the materials created will be future resources for anyone to use.

The project will provide a solid base for life-long communication between students across Europe and mobility meetings are likely to have a lifelong impact on students.