Distribution of tasks

– Project coordinator : Portugal to maintain a smooth communication between all partners, make the information circulate, be attentive to all partners, watch out for the deadlines and the European documents

– Evaluation and dissemination coordinator : Italy to prepare tools for regular evaluation (questionnaires, surveys, etc.), disseminate and analyze them in order to communicate the results which will be of great interest for the project development

– Web site coordinator : Spain to master ICT, create and develop the web site taking into account all the partners results, collect the materials to be uploaded

– Dictionary coordinator : England to gather vocabulary related to rural tourism and to organize the dictionary

– Mobilities and workshop coordinator : Romania to collect all the pictures, events, workshops, productions done during the mobilities, and transfer them to Spain (for the web site)

– Meeting minutes coordinator : Croatia To write and update reports on mobilities and manage the running of the meetings

– Tourism coordinator : France to create a tourism brochure from A to Z on paper or in a digital form

By regular mailings and set deadlines, all partners will prove their active involvement in the activities. During the mobilities, partners (students and teachers) will exchange and show their productions.