At each step of the project, a report is done by students and teachers (questionnaires, evaluation of each meeting; meetings at the end of each mobility, interim report, final report).

About the main objectives:

– Objective: “Promote language learning” for students and teachers will be considered as achieved if the people involved feel they can speak English more fluently, if the language is no longer an obstacle for an internship in another European country, if young people continue to exchange with their correspondents after the project.

– Objective: “Reinforce European citizenship” will be achieved if the participants feel more European, if they have fewer prejudices and stereotypes about other peoples of Europe, and want to travel and visit other European regions, if the students continue their studies or looking for a job or an internship in another European country, if the project encourages them to discover again foreign countries, if schools continue to apply for other European projects.

– The objective ” Support the development of ICT pedagogies and practices” will be achieved if each school, teachers and pupils continue to use new information and technology during the project. .

We will pay attention to the Digital Rural Tourism and website popularity (number of clicks and visits) and evaluation in the view of each team will be organized at the end of each mobility and at the end of the project.

The coordinator will organize the final assessment.