Partnership activities will have an enormous and beneficiary impact on all participants involved in the project and on wider local/ regional community as it will not only involve students and teachers from the participating institutions but will foster their cooperation with the local community, especially local/regional tourist boards as the aim of the project is to promote the area and its heritage and at the same time to enable our students to become aware of the opportunities rural tourism can provide in terms of their future employment or setting up business.

Our intention is to enable the students to obtain new knowledge and experience by doing achievable activities in the project. The students will gain practical experience by sharing their knowledge and learning from their peers in wider European context, which is something they cannot gain in the regular teacher-student classroom reality. They will become more self-confident and open-minded in communicating with their European peers, and will understand the value and the importance of life-long learning on personal level. We expect the project to motivate students to take responsibility, act independently and use their creativity to accomplish achievable goals.

Both students and teachers will develop their social, inter cultural, communication and language skills, and will get a chance to improve their ICT and other key competences. The teachers will be able to exchange teaching methodology and materials and the teacher exchange on a Europe-wide basis will have a great impact on their professional growth. The project will hopefully provide a great potential for using new approaches in teaching and bring positive changes in the classroom. Teachers will also get a chance to see different European vocational education and training systems.

The impact on the institutions is the growing respect that institutions involved in European projects gets on a local, regional and national level. It will also be evident on enrolment rate as there is evidence that students tend to show more interest in the schools that run European projects.