Project rationale

The project that we intend to develop with our students is based on the subject of rural tourism. Most of the schools (5 schools) that have built this partnership are situated in rural areas, 2 schools are situated in big cities. Despite the different location of the schools we find common problems : high taxes of unemployment, students with lack of motivation and consequent low levels of learning , intolerance towards the diversity. We realize that our students are of the same age, listen to the same music, wear the same clothes and have similar problems of identity or of getting a job.

We live in times in which technology means everything to the young people people so we believe that it’s important to use that technology as a new teaching material to make them learn how to become a resourceful entrepreneur and recognize the importance of their tradition and heritage using technology as a useful and modern tool. We intend to blend new ICT and digital technologies with the research into the past customs and traditions to promote and support the rural tourist offer of our regions. We think that the project will become a melting pot in which these two cultures and ways of living, rural and urban, will converge and provide a solid basis for our students to learn to appreciate and respect their and other nations’ backgrounds and heritage.

We teachers want to motivate them to look out of their “backyard” and together with their European colleagues find out their strengths, find that the nature, the environment, the local gastronomy, the typical customs and music are their strengths and instead of being reluctant to show them, they should become proud of where they come from as this aspect is very important for their personal balance and for their working future activities.

To the schools of this partnership this project will constitute a means to involve the local community in the different activities inside and outside of the school so that they have deeper mutual recognition. This is also a way to promote our regions and support local tourism in cooperation with local tourist boards.

As we are a team of rural and town schools, the idea is to recognize our common roots and to bring young people up to the life in healthy surroundings. Everyone will discover his own environment and share it with their European colleagues. They have to acknowledge the natural and cultural wealth they have around them.