Project summary

Travelling is becoming increasingly popular among young people nowadays. They like to explore new destinations and new tourist offers. During our contact seminar we, teachers from seven European schools, have seen this trend as a great opportunity to use in teaching our students about their heritage and to grow to respect and understand the area they come from. This is why we have decided to call this project My heritage, Your holiday.

Some of our students come from the countryside, some of them come from the cities/towns, but our common interest is to make them understand the value of the rural areas of their region, of its traditions, customs, gastronomy, handicraft, history. We want them to weave the past and the present in order to benefit from this experience for their everyday life and for their future work. Our students will participate in the numerous different activities related to rural tourism, its offer, marketing, advertising, etc., that will result in gaining new skills and competences needed to develop their training towards entrepreneurship. Using foreign languages and improving their communication skills will help them become more open-minded and self-confident, which are the main qualities they should acquire while growing up in this fast changing world of business. They will get a chance to get to know various traditions like folklore, music,traditional recipes, organizing eco-friendly picnic, guiding local tours, etc.

Both students and teachers will gain on personal and professional level as such a varied partnership will likely enable us to establish new relationships and a good future cooperation at international level. We believe that at the end of the project each one will be able to assert with a personal : My Heritage is Your Holiday.