Project objectives and strategy.

All participants, students, teachers, parents and local community will have the opportunity to discover, at different levels, the diverse ways of living in rural areas in Europe and they will have as well the opportunity to present their own country to the partners.

The main objectives of the partnership are the following:

Guide students, teachers, parents, community, towards an international European vision of the main topic: rural tourism

Develop the students’ sense of belonging and of their roots

Understand and respect different cultures, breaking down stereotypes and discovering common bonds and realities; be aware of the European citizenship

Develop communication skills using English in a real and motivating context

Improve knowledge of ICT and digital skills

Promote the value of respecting nature

Discover that Rural Tourism is an opportunity for business

Increase the knowledge on vocational subjects

Skill development of cooperation and team work

Encourage mobility and become aware of European surrounding and common European job market

Encourage initiatives and integration in the increasingly changing society

Evaluate their own work

To achieve these objectives we will share traditions connected with gastronomy, culture, handicraft, folklore and we will work on the promotion of all regions/countries.

We intend to address the problem of unemployment in rural areas and try to search the possibilities on how to improve the situation with eco-friendly solutions and the use of technology.

The language is going to be English ,students will also do some activities using the other specific languages of the partners’ countries as for example the multi-language dictionary about tourism and tourist industry. The stress is also on cross subject interconnection as the subjects involved in the project will be history, geography, art, music, ICT.

We will exchange information between classes and , during the mobilities, we will do workshops in the subjects linked to the Rural Themes like handicraft, cooking, environment. As part of preparation for the mobility, students will do power point presentations, update our web page, prepare questionnaires, and be in constant contact with their peers.

Final results will be:

– A Multilanguage’s dictionary on the subject- Hospitality in Rural Tourism

– A Calendar with traditional recipes from the different countries

-A Digital Tourism Tour