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The first teachers project meeting

France, Toulouse : 7-11 October, 2013

The objectives of the first meeting in France:

  • The official start of the project;
  • Getting to know the partners from the countries involved in the project;
  • Getting to know the school in Toulouse;
  • Distribution of tasks for each partner;
  • Reorganizing the mobilities for the first project year and setting the details for the next meeting;
  • Presenting and promoting the regional rural tourism by the teams from each country;
  • Knowing the educational system of France;
  • Getting to know the local culture by means of thematic visits; understanding the elements of French cultural identity;
  • Improvement of skills regarding communication in English, the language of the project.

During the first project meeting, the activities have been continuously connected to the objectives of the project as follows:

The first day of the meeting (5 October, 2013) consisted of the arrival of the European teams of teachers and getting to know each others.

The second day of the meeting (6 October, 2013) the teachers gathered in LP ISSEC Pigier school where they had a students’ guided tour of the school followed by the meeting. First, the coordinaors presented their schools and towns. Then, the mobilities were discussed and rescheduled as follows:

  • 2nd mobility – Spain, February 24-28, 2014
  • 3rd mobility – Croatia, May 19-23, 2014
  • 4th mobility – Italy, October 6-10, 2014
  • 5th mobility – Romania, November 24-28, 2014
  • 6th mobility – England, March 16-20, 2015
  • 7th mobility – Portugal, May 18-22, 2015.

We agreed that all the participants should arrive Monday morning (or Sunday evening) to be able to start the meeting on Monday afternoon. It was agreed that the minimum number of students would be 2 and maximum number 3, and the same for the teachers. Students are to be hosted in families. Farewell dinner will be a gift of the host school. One thematic excursion will be organized by each host school and the expenses will be shared.

Web site will be done by Spain and all the presentations will be sent to them by the end of November and will be then uploaded to the web page. It was agreed that the web page would consist of presentations, photos, logo, emailing list, flags, dissemination activities, web links of the schools, etc.

Communication among the partners is to be continued by emails and gmail group is to be made for easier communication and documents upload. This is to be done by the Spanish team.

Our final products will be a dictionary, web site, brochures and a digital brochure.

For the next mobility in Spain ICT vocabulary has to be prepared; the host country makes a list of words (minimum 20) by the end of November and the other partners have to translate the words into their languages. The frame for the dictionary is to be done by France.

Traditional recipe for the meeting in Italy has to be chosen and translated and sent to Italy by the end of November.

Framework for the digital tour will be done by France. Evaluation will be made by Italy and the report from the meeting by Croatia.

On the third day of the project (7 October, 2013) we went to Forges de Pyrene and had a thematic visit of the Museum of Old Tools. After that we visited a small town of Foix. The visit was to promote the rural tourism of the region.


The fourth day of the project (8 Ocotber, 2013) we had another meeting and discussed the following:

– the tasks to be done by January before the second meeting in Spain are the ICT vocabulary for the dictionary (Spain will make a list of vocabulary, send it to England to be checked), the recipe to be sent to Italy by the end of November

– the frame for mobilities: Monday afternoon – presentation of the school, Tuesday – Wednesday – presentations, host teachers should prepare a presentation of educational system of the country, students will be involved in different activities and workshops relevant for the project and the topic of the project meeting, Thursday – excursion, Friday morning – teachers’ meeting and preparation for the next mobility, evaluation of the project meeting

– for the mobility in Spain all schools have to bring a poster of human heritage, a sight protected by UNESCO; there will be a workshop on human heritage

– for the mobility in Croatia all schools should bring a poster of nature, they should prepare the participants how to get fit (cooperation with PE teachers); a flyer is to be done about healthy eating style

– for the mobility in Italy a poster of food is to be made and students participating in the mobility will have to be able to prepare a traditional meal from their country

– for the mobility in Romania a poster of traditional costumes is to be brought or made, one student will have to present and wear a traditional costume from his/her country

– England will take us on a thematic visit of Eden project, they will show us how different regions have used their heritage to promote tourism in their region, the other partners have to prepare a presentation on the topic

– for the mobility in Portugal partners have to bring something traditional from the history to present their country.

The participants were taken on a boat canal ride in Toulouse and then we had a farewell dinner in a traditional restaurant in the town.

The project meeting finished on Friday, 9 October, 2013,  when the partners left Toulouse.

The results of this project meeting are a very productive and efficient meeting and agreement about the mobilities, tasks and communication among the partners.

The success of this meeting resides in the wonderful organization and interesting programme made by the French team. Communication in English all along the mobility as well as a good communication among all the participants in the meeting is another advantage on the list.

Photographs, PPTs, travel impressions, newly acquired cultural information can be mentioned as other fruitful results of this project meeting.