Report Italy

My Heritage, Your Holiday!

The fourth project meeting

Arzachena, Italy : 6-10 October, 2014


The objectives of the fourth meeting in Italy:


  • Getting to know the school in Arzachena;
  • Students getting to know each other through various workshops, living in host families and socializing;
  • Presenting natural heritage through presenting national parks or parks of nature;
  • Presenting traditional houses in rural areas;
  • Presenting traditional cuisine of our regions and our countries;
  • Making an international cooking event combining the traditional recipes of our countries;
  • Arranging the plan and setting the details for the next meeting;
  • Discussing and planning a new Erasmus+ strategic partnership KA2
  • Getting to know the local culture by means of thematic visits; understanding the elements of Italian cultural identity;
  • Improvement of skills regarding communication in English, the language of the project.
  • Improvement of ICT skills.

During the fourth project meeting, the activities have been continuously connected to the objectives of the project as follows:


The first day of the meeting (6 October, 2014) consisted of the arrival of the European teams of teachers to Olbia. The students and the teachers were taken on a students-guided tour of Olbia. Then the team gathered in Istituto Professionale per l’Enogastronomia e l’Ospitalità Alberghiera school, Arzachena, where they had a guided tour of the school. After that there was a welcome buffet-style lunch of traditional Italian cuisine. Then, the team visited the theatre and the town. The students went to their host families. The teachers had a welcome dinner.


The second day of the meeting (7 October, 2014) the hosts took the team on a guided tour of the region. First we visited archeological site Nuraghe la Prisgiona, then Porto Cervo, the most luxurious resort town on Sardinia, Capo d’Orso, a tourist attraction near Palau and Santa Teresa Gallura.


On the third day of the project (8 October, 2014)  the Italian team organized the boat trip to the National park of La Maddalena archipelago for all participants. We visited La Maddalena, a town where G. Garibaldi, Italian politician considered the father of  the land, lived; and the national park Arcipelago di la Maddalena.

In the afternoon the exhibition of the old tools was set up in the premises of school. The teachers discussed the next mobility in Romania and starting a new  Erasmus+ strategic partnership KA2 together as we concluded that our Comenius team is very efficient and we like working with each other.


 The fourth day of the project (9 October, 2014) started with the classes. Both partner teachers and students gave lessons in classes. The teachers gave lessons on their countries, regions, towns and schools while some students presented the countries’ national cuisine. The meeting continued with the students’ presentations of national cuisine of the partner countries followed by the presentation of ethno houses in our regions and countries and how they were changed and adjusted for the use in rural tourism.

At the same time some of our students were in the school kitchen with their teachers making food for the Ethnic international farewell lunch. The dishes were made on the traditional recipes that the partners agreed on during the first year. The food and beverage was also served by the students.

The exhibition was open for the public.

In the afternoon, the teachers had a project meeting where current tasks and activities were discussed. The dictionary for the meeting in Romania should be done by the beginning of November. Each partner should take a traditional, national or regional, costume that the students will wear during the meeting in Romania. The students will have to perform a song or a dance. The presentation of folklore, traditional dances and costumes is to be made for the next mobility.

Both the teachers and the students filled in the evaluation form to assess the project meeting.

The project meeting finished on Friday, 10 October, 2014, when the partners left Arzachena.


The result of this project meeting is learning about the importance of traditional cuisine in tourist industry and learning about the traditional dishes of partner countries. The meeting was efficient as all the upcoming tasks and the mobilities were agreed on and there was a smooth communication among the partners.

The success of this meeting resides in the wonderful organization and interesting programme made by the Italian team. Communication in English all along the mobility as well as a good communication among all the participants in the meeting is another advantage on the list, especially among the students who learnt a lot of words from different languages.

Photographs, PPTs, travel impressions, newly acquired cultural information and lifelong friendships are other fruitful results of this project meeting.